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Quality Policy

Al Mojil Drug Company (K.S.C.C) is specialized in providing products and services in Pharmaceutical, Nutritional, Consumer, Veterinary, and Medical equipment which include Procurement, Custom Clearance, Storage, Distribution, and Maintenance. This policy is available on our website (www.mojildrug.com) and communicated to all employees and relevant interested parties.

Al Mojil Drug Company is:

Customer Satisfaction

Committed to ensuring customer satisfaction by distributing the products and providing the services according to the standard and intended requirements. Al Mojil is committed to collecting customer feedback and complaints to understand, meet or exceed the customer needs and expectations

Applicable Requirements

Committed to complying with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements relevant to the business process and operations.


Committed to protecting the privacy of the personal information and data collected during the course of our business through any means.


Committed to keeping the confidentiality of all data and information received or collected from customers, principals, and interested parties

Risks and Opportunities

Committed to Identifying relevant external and internal issues, risks and opportunities related to our business and Quality Management System and taking appropriate measures to mitigate, separate, or reduce the same.

Training and Competency

Committed to providing relevant training and development to all employees to keep them competent, get the desired output, and improve their efficiency and quality of work.

Continual Improvement

Committed to continual improvement by regularly reviewing our quality policy, objectives, and standard requirements of the Quality management system through internal audit and management reviews to ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy, improvement, and effectiveness.