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Five Year Plan

Five Year Plan (2018-2022)

AMD has prepared their second five year plan (1st Jan 2018-31st Dec 2022) to address the below challenges, adapt to the global changes, to enhance the existing organizational set up, to efficiently utilize the opportunities and reduce or eliminate the risks involved.
Kuwait Government is revising their health care policy to earn better revenue, to reduce the cost, to provide better services, render services only for the eligible patients, reduce the consultation time, encourage the consumption of generic medicines and reduce the buffer stock etc.
To implement the above policies Government has initiated many changes such as Shifting the treatment of the retired Government employees to private sector, new insurance hospitals only for expatriates to provide more weightage to the private clinics and hospitals, increasing the charges for expatriates in Government hospitals etc.. Kuwait Government is also committed to develop its own health care sector by expanding the existing hospitals, increasing the bed capacity, constructing new hospitals & clinics, new physical and medicine rehabilitation hospitals etc. to improve the quality of health care sector.
Al Mojil Drug Company has evaluated the policy changes and understands the market trends, new demands, risk and opportunities. AMD understands the needs and expectations of Customers, patients, external providers and Employees. AMD also committed to comply with the legal and statutory requirement related to quality, product integrity and Pharmacovigilance.
  • Project: Re-structuring
  • Project Team: HRD and Consultant
  • Project Start Date: TBA

Considering the needs and expectations of our Customers, Patients, External Providers & employees and Business growth, Al Mojil Drug Company will restructure the Organization to meet the upcoming challenges and objectives.

Restructuring includes Re-Assess the Titles, Functions, Departments, Compensation, benefits, roles & responsibilities, accountabilities, authorities, Competencies according to the best practices and the industry standards

  • Project: GDP Certification
  • Project Team: Quality System Department and Consultant
  • Project Start Date: 2020

Al Mojil Drug Company will continue its focus of business strategy from product oriented to quality oriented. Quality Management System is established to improve the quality of the services and products based on ISO 9001:2015.

By 2020, AlMojil Drug Company shall implement the GDP requirements (Good Distribution Practices) and aims to be certified.

  • Project: E-commerce
  • Project Team: To be Recruited
  • Project Start Date: TBA

Al Mojil Drug Company shall explore the opportunity of B2C type of Ecommerce businesses (online selling) to enhance the selling. AMD sales team intends to sell their products through online shopping cart. AMD will initially focus on products other than controlled (as per Kuwait rules and regulations) such as unclassified Pharma products, Nutritional products, Beauty & Cosmetics products, innovative medical devices (individual use) and food supplements.

  • Project: Employee Performance Appraisal & Motivation Program
  • Project Team: HRD and Consultant
  • Project Start Date: TBA

Al Mojil Drug Company will implement employee motivation program to encourage the employees and utilize their potential. Employee motivation program includes the Job Evaluation, KPI setting, Monitoring of KPI’s, Appraisal on yearly evaluation and rewarding them accordingly.

AMD will also implement Employee Suggestion Program on quarterly basis. This will give the opportunity to present his/ her suggestion to the “selected committee”.

Committee will select the best suggestion and reward them accordingly. Suggestions should contribute the organization to save the cost, enhance the process, reduce the time consumption, increase the revenue etc.

  • Project: IT Infrastructure Enhancement
  • Project Team: IT and Consultant
  • Project Start Date: TBA

Al Mojil Drug Company is committed to enhance its infrastructure by adopting the new technologies to provide a better, secure, accurate, speedy and advanced network and devices to its interested parties (Customers, Suppliers and employees). The below enhancement program will support us to fulfill our commitment as mentioned above.

  • Enhance and improve backup processes
  • Data /server redundancy (in case of server failure, should be able to use the substitute within fraction of minutes)
  • Enhance Cyber / Network security
  • Wireless working environment replacing the desktop pcs and wired printers
  • Own Call Manager (Presently, we are sharing Babtain tower call manager) with more advanced options including voice recording, auto teller etc.
  • Develop Mobile Application: for the easy access and availability of medicine/ pharmacy nearer to the user/ online medical shop.
  • Paperless Office: AMD would like to reduce the use of papers as much as possible and gradually achieve the target of paperless office.
  • Organizational Knowledge: Al Mojil Drug Company will open a new electronic platform to the Employees and Departments for archiving and sharing their knowledge, information, memories and moments in a well-structured manner to make available for easy retrieving. New electronic platform will support us to archive all kind of documents, images videos and audios etc.
  • Project: Customer Relationship Management
  • Project Team: Sales Team and Consultant

Al Mojil Drug Company is committed to increase the level of Customer satisfaction by adopting new methodology called CRM.

What is Customer Relationship Management? Customer Relationship Management (or CRM) is a phrase that describes how your business interacts with your customers.

Most people think of CRM as a system to capture information about your customers. However, that is only a part of the picture. CRM involves using technology to gather the intelligence you need to provide improved support and services to your customers. In other words, CRM is also about what you do with that information to better meet the needs of your existing customers and identify new customers, resulting in higher profits for you.

  • Project: Distribution System
  • Project Team: AMD Team and Consultant
  • Project Start Date: TBA

Distribution System: Al Mojil Drug Company realizes the need for redesigning the distribution system with more assets and system tools. Redesigning of distribution system includes increasing the number of vehicles with various temperature range, GPS tracking, FMS (Fleet Management System) module connecting with ERP covering maintenance schedule, warranty records, fuel consumption and idle hours, transit temperature validation etc.

Al Mojil will also find out the competent service providers to provide the better distribution services as per the GDP standard (out sourcing).

  • Project: Single Roof Operation
  • Project Team: Selected AMD Team
  • Project Start Date: TBA

AL Mojil Drug Company realizes the requirement of single roof operation to ease the communication, maintain the transaction accuracy, better management of inventory, reduce the time consumption, optimum utilization of resources and accommodate the new range of products.

AMD expected to acquire the warehouse with the capacity of minimum 10000(10K) square meter with different temperature zone. It should be a “state of art” warehousing facility with dedicated area for each purpose, various type of racking with barcoded labels, ERP system with RF capability (Radio Frequency), complete traceability, multiple docks with ramp, various MHE’s (Material Handling Equipment), 24/7 operations, offices for AMD & Supplier employees, meeting rooms, prayer rooms, break rooms, Training rooms and food court etc.

  • Project: Direct investment on private health care sector
  • Project Team: AMD Team and Consultant
  • Project Start Date: TBA

To utilize the opportunity of Government’s new health care policy change (more weightage to private sectors and reduce the dependency on Government Hospitals) Al Mojil Drug Company will introduce independent special projects to establish private hospitals, chain pharmacies, Labs and reference labs. AMD will also make an investment into manufacturing sector to manufacture its own branded products.