Company Profile

Al Mojil Drug Company was established in April 1961, understanding the wide scope of pharmaceutical business in Kuwait. The organization was started with 10 Employees and the capital of 10000 US$. In the first phase, Al Mojil started with one pharmacy near Kuwait City and supply of around 50 number of Pharmaceutical and Nutritional products.

Later Al Mojil has diversified its business to other health care areas such as Medical Equipment (Lab & Diagnostic) Veterinary and Consumer products. Currently Al Mojil has been distributing wide range products (around 800) from 30 Manufactures or Suppliers. Al Mojil has also recognized a specialized team for each category of products such as Pharmaceutical, Nutrition, Consumer, Medical Equipment and Veterinary to ensure the excellence and integrity of the business.

In 2008, Al Mojil Drug Company has changed its status from a Partnership Company to Kuwait Share Holding Company (Closed) and legally known as Al Mojil Drug Company (K S C C)